Battle of Cable Street Remembered

Battle of Cable Street, 76th anniversary

Every year that passes the memory of great events have a habit of fading. There are some events which should never be forgotten – and always commemorated – one of them is to mark the time when local people came together on Sunday 4 October 1936 to halt Mosely’s “fascists” from marching through the East End of London. This year 2012 is ‘just another year’ – it is not a “notable” anniversary like last year’s “75th”. However, this year we are conscious that the world is in crisis… there is an economic collapse… there are a number of wars and conflicts… people are uncertain about their future – there seems to be no solution to the problems. But there is always a solution – and it takes a collective effort to achieve things for the common good. A small step is to remember and to mark ordinary people’s actions – a simple gathering, a posy of flowers and a conversation can lead to a ground swell of events.

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The Battle of Cable Street: 80 years on

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